Actively Working for Justice and Restoration of All Creation

We believe that Jesus calls the Church to love all our neighbors by actively working to dismantle racism and other forms of injustice against marginalized groups, such as LGBTQI+ people, immigrants, and others. We recognize that our silence in the face of the oppression of others is complicity, and we confess and repent for the ways in which we have contributed to the suffering of others. Placentia Presbyterian Church commits to listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we actively work for justice and the restoration of all creation.

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Statement by Stated Clerk J. Herbert Nelson on the Treatment of Haitian Refugees

Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II is the stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church (U.S.A.)

Given some current confusion and concern among members regarding PPC's stance on this issue, it may be helpful to reread our PCUSA's statement on facing racism: