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Dare to Wonder?

What an amazing Easter Sunday we had under the Oak at PPC. I would like to publicly thank all who made that amazing morning celebration happen across the board. It was a fantastic day of celebration! These types of events are an all-hands-on-deck type of gathering. Team PPC rocks is my mantra and I mean it.  So grateful for every one of you.

Immediately after Easter Sunday we will begin a series that I am thrilled about. It is called DARE TO WONDER. I like that title for a number of reasons. It is a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is to stretch and consider again what we have always thought to be true about God’s way in the world. To risk being a bit elastic with ideas, theology, and how God makes a realm of God mark in the world.  The simple truth is that people change, culture shifts, technology presents us with new opportunities and risks, however, God never changes in essence.  While God does not change, God may, and often does change the way God interacts with the created order.  So, I give us all permission to accept the challenge to risk wondering how God is at work in the crazy-wild-fast-paced-ever-changing world that we live in.  I give us permission to wonder afresh and anew about everything, like my grand-daughter at play on the slide and swings and dirt on the playground. It is a sun shiny day. She is all smiles with the look of wonder breaming through her eyes and elated in her newfound joy at the park. This is theologically true in the words of the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins who wrote that Christ plays in ten thousand places.


Let’s go to the playground to discover how Christ is at play in ten thousand places this summer. We will look at a variety of DARE TO WONDER (D2W) questions like: how can I be sure God is always with me? Who can I trust? What is salvation? Who am I? Where do I fit? What’s the point of my life? What exactly is the realm of God (and is it different than the church)? How can I accept myself? What am I supposed to do with my life? How can I be a hero to my children? Why do I worry so much? How can I grow older gracefully? How can I struggle to maintain my closest relationships? What happens when I die? And perhaps more if you send me your suggestions regarding what you DARE TO WONDER about.

Let’s go to the park. It is a fantastic southern California day. Christ does play in ten thousand places. Let’s discover how together.



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Searching for the Rainbow

I walked outside and said out loud, “Now there is something that you don’t see every day.”  It was a rainbow glistening against the dark gray sky to the east over the baseball diamond across the street. The sun shone brightly above me; the drizzle still managed to drop tiny sprinkles on my face. It was refreshing and the earth was alive with spring. The worst was gone and the beautiful colors of orange, blue, pink, and orange painted the sky what was left after a downpour. I always attempt to find the pot of gold at the end of her arc.

I have seen a few really good rainbows over the years. The most beautiful one I have ever seen was in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa. I have long ago lost the photograph, but the image remains in my mind like a stiff breeze from the west.

I thought about the Genesis story where God gets a bit upset at how crazy life on the planet had become, so he wipes everybody out with a storm and started again. A reboot, if you will. When I read the story, I hear a God who loves and yet becomes intolerable of us fickle folks who go our own way. God is always in love with us but at times intolerant, like a parent with a teenager.

That story is not about water, rain, or even rainbows even though the primary image is a rainbow. The rainbow is for God. The story is about God. The rainbow reminds God that we are loved though God becomes intolerant with us at times, and rightly so because we are intolerable upon occasion.

Lent is a good time to think about how we have strayed near and far making us a bit intolerable. In the midst of crazy times there is a divine antidote. The world is always being flooded with divine fidelity in the midst of all or collusions with infidelities.

I say collusion intentionally because that is the word of the season. Was there collusion, we are all asking?  As people of faith we have to come to grips with all of the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that we do, in fact, collude with our fickleness.

We still collude with Pharaoh, a ruler of absolutism who is certain of his own opinion, perhaps it is a military-economic-political leader, perhaps a gnawing moralism, perhaps a closed-down sense of self, or a failed family with eating disorders, dysfunctional, addictions, anxiety erodes fearful communities exhausted and at their wits end.

We still collude with the magicians of Pharaoh’s day trying to please the emperor with new ideologies to control, bring justice with forced rule of law from the top down. Liberals love the certitude that comes from this top down, increase government manner.  Conservatives love control and certitude that hangs on to what we have by closing the purse strings on God, people and neighbor. We collude by forcing our pet project, favorite idea, doctrine, program, word, song, musical style on everyone else simply to hang on and outlive our true fear and anxiety, that we cannot control a thing. Not a lick of it.

We all collude with someone or something. We are all fickle.  So, when things get a little crazy for everyone, God gives us a rainbow. So, he will remember as we ought to recall as well. There still is a downpour of love for all people. There is room for all people. All people still matter. Why? Because God is. Or shorter yet, because God.


God can accomplish good in all things. And God does accomplish in all things, good. IF, and it is a pretty big IF, IF we allow God to have Gods way with everything and everyone.

So, the rainbow is aimed at God. But it would help if we noticed it too. The rainbow is a reminder that the craziness of all of our collusions is our making, not God’s.  The rainbow is to remind God that God loves us and there is an ocean of fidelity drenching us all around IF we get on that ship, or should I say ark.

That ark has many names. Here are a few: dazzling, surprising, loyal, safe, free, peaceable, just and on and on the names go. The names are as endless as the great theological words in the totality of the text are. If we only remember them. If we only receive them. If we only get out of our own way to live into them.

Bring on the Rainbows, bring on new life, bring on the Friday death to Easter Sunday new life preening across the landscape story. As far as I am concerned, it cannot come fast enough!

Searching for the rainbow,  Tobin


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