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Six Lessons I Learned About Life and Church from Youth Sports

My formative years were spent at an ice rink, a baseball diamond, a golf course and at church. I tried with my daughters and we spent time at a baseball diamond, a basketball court, a soccer field, a dance academy and a tennis court. Here is what I learned from my experience about life and church:

  1. Everyone Should Play

Everyone played and tried various positions on the field until we were able to determine where we fit the best. Kids got better and so did the team. When it comes to church and being sent every is called to at least be able to share why we live with the hope of Jesus and why my life is qualitatively different with God in it.

  1. Practice Is Essential

Kids know that if you don’t practice you will never step on the field. But when they know that next Saturday, they will step on the field they will have teammates relying on them—it’s a game changer (nice pun, huh?). Every one of us is an essential member of the team. We will all share our story, the team will rely on it; at home, work, play the other six days a week.

  1. Playing together Makes Us All Better

It was amazing to see kids who had never played a game or knew the rules, or even put on a baseball glove learn to play the game. It’s the same with a people who are sent. At first it is a bit awkward and clumsy, but we all play the game together and share our stories, the entire team gets stronger. It is not simply the best players who do the heavy lifting for the rest of the team.

  1. Training Reveals All-Stars

Every once in a while, a child will join a team, have no clue and through the course of the season flourish into an animal on the field. We can be a diamond-in-the-Sent-church-rough.

  1. Playing grows a Love for the Game

The more I played hockey, golf and baseball the more I learned to love the games—even to this day. Although I only continue to play golf, I threw out my arm in baseball and I became tired of getting bruises in hockey.  Faith is to be practiced or we lose the love for the Creator. The more I practice and play at faith and sharing my story, the more I will learn to love it all. And so, will each of us.

  1. Playing Everyone Leads to Victory

I always thought that playing everyone was beautiful, even though I could not articulate it at the time I was a young boy. That is why for PPC to be a winning team (sports metaphor), everyone shares their story in relevant ways the other six days a week. It’s is called Deep church, Sent church, Being church. The Creator wins when everyone gets in the game.

I need to go, the whistle is about to sound off, it is time to begin the game!


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