While PPC focuses on partnering with the local neighborhood, we support several ministries beyond our neighborhood.

Wycliffe Missionaries Jon & Christy

Wycliffe Bible Translators is one of the most respected Bible translation organizations in the world.  PPC financially and prayerfully supports our PPC missionaries, Jon and Christy, in their work through Wycliffe with the "Maple" language community of South Asia. 


El Sauzal Foundation is a nonprofit formed in the United States to support  El Sauzal Home for Children. The foundation’s goals are to aid the home financially and help maintain the facilities while planning for the future. The home’s primary supporters are from the U.S. The foundation communicates on behalf of the home with our donors and friends throughout the world.  PPC contributes to the foundation to support the home.
El Sauzal Home for Children, is a Mexican corporation that cannot provide U.S. tax-deductions. El Sauzal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, and donations given to the foundation are tax deductible for U.S. citizens.


Vizcaino is located approximately 610 miles south of Placentia in the center of the Baja Peninsula in Vizcaino in the Mexican State of Baja California Sur.  The ministry reaches out to the very poor who work the commercial farms located in this desert area.  Bruno Rendon Lopez serves as pastor for the little church called “La Iglesia Puerta del Cielo” meaning gate of heaven (Gen 28:17).  PPC provides  funds for the pastor’s salary and the family’s medical insurance expense.