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Current Series


Where Heaven Meets Earth


A sermon series based on the Book of Philippians

The Hand of God

A short sermon series based on Placentia Presbyterian Church's  Core Values Statement:

Through Jesus Christ, we experience the hand of God in our lives, which motivates us to be of service and live generously with our local communities and the world. We are a hands-on people engaging In creative, inspired and timely ministries while building relationships with those we serve.

Table Talk

A sermon series based on New Testament books of Luke & Acts

God's Yes

The title of the sermon series in the Gospel of Mark is God’s Yes.  The 20th century Swiss theologian, Karl Barth, has written that the Good News (Gospel or Good Spell), is only good because of the resurrection.  We can learn from Jesus’ sacrificial and obedient life, but what stands Christianity apart from all other faiths is an empty tomb.  The miracle is that one human being has overcome death and is wanting to share this new life with all other human beings.  This is God’s YES! This is our God’s life affirming action – resurrection!


This summer we are going to take the theme of Underlinings for our sermon series. “Why simply preach on the passages I think are important?” For that matter I have lots of underlined books on my shelves, so why only remark on what I’ve read or seen or heard?
Here’s my thought – I’d love for you to send in your underlined passages!