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Current Series


This summer we are going to take the theme of Underlinings for our sermon series. “Why simply preach on the passages I think are important?” For that matter I have lots of underlined books on my shelves, so why only remark on what I’ve read or seen or heard? 
Here’s my thought – I’d love for you to send in your underlined passages!

Rev. Dr. Craig Williams

The Light Has Come

The only way for the Light to Shine in and through us is to become a people who exercise “bold humility”.  Unwavering in our commitment to Jesus, not just the content of Jesus’ message but the way Jesus delivered that message – humbly.


Perhaps Lent is not about giving something up as much as it is embracing something that restores hope, vision, faith, dreams; something that brings life. God died in Christ so that we could have life. Get a life. Live a life. Have a great ...LIFE.
So, this Lent instead of giving something up, embrace something, or preferably someone again (God) and practice the presence of God in all things.